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Dear friend

If the principle of a multiverse (as in multiple universe) is true then we are creating our own truth in choosing if and how we are connected to the devine. So if I choose to connect to like minded souls and trust the principle of love and connection, in this sense I will post enlightening information. Always believing it will strenghten my friends in making the right choice and so on. This is a different energy than just outlining the power of the others. Especially in times of psychological fearmongering. Remember they would have achieved their goal in installing fear.

It's so hard in these times to remind myself of this and knowing the perfect time when to be quiet (and go within) and when to take action. This reminds me of the serenity prayer:

„Lord, grant me the strength to accept the things I cannot change,
the courage to change the things I can,
and the wisdom to know the difference.“

It might be different to know what to do, especially as we move towards a time again, where the veils to the otherwold are thinner again.  Which makes it on the one hand easier for us to experience our spiritual strengths, on the other hands, things are moving so fast, we might get temporarily confused if we are not grounded and connected with the unmanifest.

Reference Jesus: he said do not be fooled by false prophets. Don't follow if some is calling you out into the desert. For me this is symbolical and standing for a psychological concept. Which might become true if it's not redeemed consciously before.

Yes, there are different stages of being distanced from the devine, but focussing on that will bring me out into the desert.

I also wonder if I still resonate with „I didn't see that coming“.

It will show up as long until I or you or we redeemed it. How many people didn't forgive themselves in the 2nd worldwar because they didn't see it coming? And lost their prosperity, or worse families or even their own lives. Just because they couldn't prepair for it and didn't see it coming. Whatever it was. How much fear, frustration, anger and so on is still here, that hasn't been released in the collective field. What if I get triggert because I haven't released my old hatred? If I am in that midframe, I might be full of confusion or anger or fear. Am I then in a position to feel what is needed where and when? I am now encouraged again to pray for this old pattern to be relieved.

This is what I can do for now and pray.

Love is stronger than anything.

God/dess blessings

More thoughts: on the one hand I have the „urge“ to enlighten people. But we don't know what the future might hold. And how quickly could my ego choose a position and hence enhance the opposition.... (where attention goes, even negative attention, energy flows...)This way I might enhance polarisation even more. Something I was trying to avoid, really. So for me the solution is to strengthen myself. And remind people in this way to do the same. And to include your shadow. Classical shadow work. If I stop outsourcing my shadow and if I can stop judging my worst characteristics, it can transform and doesn't necessarily need to express itself as a mirror.

Personally I don't think there is anything wrong with taking temporarily a certain position. But I like to remind myself that identifications, taking sides, having principles can always be questioned. Connected to the devine, god(ess) knows what the future might hold.

When I refer to god, my understanding of the devine is more or less as described by Neville Goddard.

"You may not be aware of who you are, what you are, or where you are; but by being aware, you are mentally saying I am. Every conscious being says I am; and if there is only one I am, then I am one individual - diffused! I am the sole cause of all that is. All things were made through imagining, and without awareness was not anything made that was made....God, the universally diffused individuality, is asleep in everyone."

In the past I wrote a story about a woman who lived in medieval times. Unfortunately she lost her basic trust and felt she had to turn to other means to fullfill her future. This woman knew all about magick and abused this knowledge for her own advantage. Fear was her currency and she was part of a dark force to enhance her own power and teporary strengths. This belief systems itself was based on fear and lacking.

Afterwards she felt guilty for her past. This was the reason why she kept myself „small“. Never ever should anything like this happen again. This way she pushed herself into the positon of the victim and again: balance was out of sink. It's hard to forgive others, even harder to forgive yourself. That could be one of the biggest and hardest steps in anyones life. How important is it for you to forgive? What happens if you don't? Are you then in someway still tied and connected to the pattern. i.e. „You owe me something“, or „I owe you something“, „you have done me wrong“ and so on.

I have had the thread of life changing issues and lack of control in the past. I could change it going within. If I hated the perpetrator it didn't do nothing. If I forgave myself, forgave them and then leave it to a higher self or spirit... Things changed. Meaning with this in mind I could then go forward and take action. - see a course in miracles or hooponopono. Times will change. In the meantime one can go within. If one can solve the problem on a conscious level it doesn't have to "fall down" on a more dense level. As when and why people fall ill.

As harsh as this might sound. Some people need this stage for awakening... When you go within... What exactly do you fear or hate of the other? Then I did Carl Jung work. Integrating the shadow. It doesn't mean I have to live that part. Or act upon it. But integrate it and hence don't judge it... Then it can go... And there will be no need for it to manifest in projections. This is what one can do. Everything else is fate.

God/ess blessings x

This is my personal blog. I am not a doctor or health specialist. You must carry on with all of your therapies, instructed by your doctor. This blog just reflects on my experiences. Every person is different, every situation is different. Please feel free to be inspired but find your own truth within yourself.