Selbstregulation/ Selbstbestimmung

Innere Ressourcen stärken

about myself

various workshops

since 2015 Supervision EFT with Maya de Vries ongoing

2013 EFT and Trauma Basis Anja Corinna Strassner, Germany

2012 Autogenic Training, Düsseldorf, Germany

2012 EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques Level 1, 2 und 3 Maya de Vries, Cologne, Germany

2012 Brain Gym I, Educational Kinesiology Foundation, USA, with Anita Braun, Germany

2012 Intensive Hypnoses course, B&B Hypno Coaching Behrensmeier, Germany

2012 ATEB Basiscourse EFT Emotional Freedom Technique,

with Gabriele und Robert Rother, Germany

2011 Individual Nutritional Course, Christa Peters, Germany

2010 UrMatrix Seminar, according to Grogorij Grobovoi, Arcady Petrov with Amara, body-soul-centrum, Germany

since 2009 OBOD Oder of Bards Ovates and Druids course, UK

2006 Holistic Massage Therapist, ITEC Diploma, registered Therapist, Great Britain

2006 Introduction "Child Psychology", Cwmbran; UK

2005 Indian Head Massage, Cwmbran, UK

2004 SRT (Spiritual Response Therapy), Irenka Herbert, Newport, UK

2003 SWD South Wales Dowsing Secretary - members of BSD British Society of Dowsers,UK

2003 Dowsing and Healing (Jack Temple), with Irenka Herbert, Newport, UK

2003 Oftec certified and registered Childminder, Great Britain

I was trained in business studies and worked in sales for many years.

The hustle and bustle of modern cooperations impressed me, but it also made me wonder why many of my colleagues suffered from a bad back or repetitive strain injury.

It got me thinking about the way we use computers and that we don't relax our muscels enough after a stressful day at work.

So it was a natural way for me to retrain as a holistic massage therapist,

when our oldest son was three months old.

I became self employed and want to help people to relax naturally,

in a way that suits themselves and that's taillored for their own personal needs.

Teaching EFT and other techniques enables clients to help themselves and be less reliant on therapists.

So it's a step towards your own personal freedom!

I was born in 1971 in Germany and lived in Wales for 12 years

and together with my husband and our three children

we live in Germany now, in the beautiful, green Eifel, near by a nature resort