Selbstregulation/ Selbstbestimmung

Innere Ressourcen stärken

Fantasy journeys or guided imagery and massage

I love fantasy journeys; they guide my soul closer to knowing myself, closer towards natural peace and balance.

This is not an ordinary story telling session.

This can open up your channels to connect you to the divine powers of nature.

Do you remember your favorite animal when you were young?

Where did you love to play?

What feelings do you have when you are within nature, by a calming lake or near an animal you like?

Enjoying a guided fantasy journey is relaxing and empowering at the same time.

Do you remember what it was like when a parent or other adult used to read

an enthralling story to you when you were young?

Where you in a different world?

Did it enhance your imagination?

Maybe your creativity was enhanced since you couldn’t wait to play out all the images

which had just been created in your mind.

Adults and children alike enjoy a powerful story. Imagine now what it would be like,

if you are the main character in this wonderful story.

During a fantasy journey I encourage you to feel the imagined pictures.

We relate to all senses even the intuitive ones for an enhanced journey.

In a playful way you can gain easy access to your inner resources.

If you have children surely you encourage them to find and uncover their talents.

What happened to your own talents?

One of my most deeply profound experiences was during a fantasy journey. I was shown that we carry everything we need to thrive within us. So what is stopping us from accessing our inner resources? Is it fear? Anger? Open the gate to your own personal intrinsic wisdom with a guided fantasy journey.

I invite you to a lovely fantasy journey combined with (meridian) massage.

Uncover your talents.

Regrow your inner tree of trust.

Feel loved and caressed.

Enhance your confidence.

Be connected with love and life.

Feel your zest of life.

I work as a mobile practitioner. Please sent an e-mail to (I cannot check my e-mails when I am in the UK)

or a text message on 0049 176 430 53338 and I will return your call.

I am in Newport around August 2016.

Kind and warm regards,


Myriam Adams

Tel.: 0049-2446-805965

about myself:

The term Emotional Freedom Technique is a trademark in Germany. The owner demands the following statement (freely translated): "The way I write and teach about EFT on my site is MY understanding of EFT, not that of its original founder, Gary Craig"